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    Environmental Facility Cleaning

    EcoShield uses a multi-step approach to facility cleaning and decontamination:

    • State of the art bio-mapping
    • Advance level cleaning
    • EcoShield Clean Score™ for ongoing maintenance

    Emergency Response

    If you suspect that your facility has been contaminated:

    • Contact EcoShield immediately.
    • Our superior products and services can decontaminate your facility.
    • We will get you back to 100% capacity quickly and efficiently.

    Staff Training and Certification

    Train your maintenance staff, so they can keep your facility clean and free of contaminants:

    • On line and in person training
    • Certification program

EcoShield is a leader in the decontamination and commercial cleaning services industry. EcoShield uses state-of-the-art technology to assess the risk of biological or chemical contamination and to contain pathogens. From routine maintenance to sudden emergencies, EcoShield is there for you.

EcoShield Helps You Get Clean at Work or Home

EcoShield offers versatile decontamination protocols. Whether you’re looking to protect your business or home environment from contamination, we can help.

EcoShield is one of the only companies in the industry to pair advanced decontamination technology with a proprietary line of superior sanitization products. As a result, EcoShield can successfully decontaminate an area as small as your home to a facility more than 15 million square feet in size.

How Does EcoShield Work?

EcoShield offers several layers of protection from contamination. Our unique BioMapping® technology uses advanced equipment to take samples from your facility. After subjecting these samples to highly sensitive analysis, we can identify potential hazardous threats to your facility. We use our advanced line of sanitation products to cleanse the area of any and all biological or chemical threats.

EcoShield also provides customized safety protocols to protect your business from harm. We offer an infection control training program for maintenance staff to ensure that they keep your facility clean and contaminant-free. With online or in-person training options, it’s easy to invest in the safety of your employees. This training yields dividends for years to come, as a safer business results in increased productivity, lower risk of safety-related lawsuits, decreased employee absenteeism and a stronger bottom line.

Finally, EcoShield is there for you when emergency strikes. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, no exceptions. When you contact us, we will rapidly deploy our decontamination team to assess the extent of damage and take immediate action to remediate the situation. Our exceptional response time and superior line of decontamination products means that we can get your business back up and running within 24 hours.

Why Choose EcoShield: The EcoShield Advantage

EcoShield is simply the best decontamination services provider in the industry. When every second matters, you want to have a trusted partner on your side. EcoShield will work with you before, during and after an adverse event to ensure that you are protected against pathogenic or chemical threats.

Importantly, EcoShield meets all ACHA guidelines. These guidelines are put in place to protect public health and safety. We work continuously to comply with these guidelines and ensure that our chemical decontamination services are the best in the industry.

When it’s time to protect your business, choose EcoShield. Our commitment to cutting-edge technologies and exceptional customer service will ensure the continued success and safety of your business.



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