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  • Fairs / Festivals / Livestock ShowsEcoShield, Inc.
  • FarmingEcoShield, Inc.
  • Food TransportationEcoShield, Inc.

Athletic Facilities

  • Amalie ArenaEcoShield, Inc.
  • D1 Sports TrainingEcoShield, Inc.
  • Health ClubsEcoShield, Inc.
  • School GymnasiumsEcoShield, Inc.
  • Amateur and Professional Sports ComplexesEcoShield, Inc.

Commercial Buildings

  • General OfficesEcoShield, Inc.
  • RestaurantsEcoShield, Inc.


  • Private and Public SchoolsEcoShield, Inc.
  • Day Care CentersEcoShield, Inc.
  • Student HousingEcoShield, Inc.

Government Facilities

  • Office BuildingsEcoShield, Inc.
  • Correctional FacilitiesEcoShield, Inc.
  • Military BasesEcoShield, Inc.
  • Mass TransportationEcoShield, Inc.

Medical Facilities and Offices

  • Hospital and Outpatient Surgery CentersEcoShield, Inc.
  • Nursing HomesEcoShield, Inc.
  • Walk-In ClinicsEcoShield, Inc.

What we do?

EcoShield® decontamination products and services have been used in numerous public facilities – and are a benefit to any facility where people gather and increase the risk of spreading sickness and disease.

We continually strive to develop cost effective, practical solutions to contamination problems incorporating the newest, cutting edge technologies available for commercial use.

EcoShield® is currently helping hospitals and first responders across the country to provide written site specific emergency response plans and programs to ensure that they are prepared for personnel and vehicle decontamination should a suspected case of Ebola or any other pandemic outbreak occur in their community.

With offices conveniently located in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Virginia and Louisiana we are just a click away.

How will this work for our facility?

EcoShield® has developed protocols for hospitals, airplanes, cruise lines, daycares, gyms, health clubs, nursing homes, office buildings, retail stores, rental cars, hotels and more. EcoShield® will perform a site inspection then deliver a custom-designed treatment protocol identifying transmission points, recommended cleaning products, personal sanitizing products, professional treatments, and pricing schedule. This can be implemented right away without disruption of your daily business. You can start to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier, more productive work place right away. Moving into the 21st century, bio-protection has never been easier. Your employees and customers will thank you. You and your improved bottom line will thank us.