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EcoShield, Inc.We provide training and staff support to ensure that your staff knows how to keep your facility clean and healthy. When most people hear the words “environmental cleaning” or “infection control” they immediately think of hospitals – but hospitals aren’t the only facilities loaded with germs. Unfortunately, we have found that even in areas where life literally depends on it, the staff is doing more janitorial or housekeeping rather than cleaning the building for health.

We understand the concept of environmental cleaning for building health, and the differences between this and janitorial services. It is important to dust, mop and take out the trash, it is important in any health based cleaning program to understand vectors and fomites and the role they play in transmitting infectious pathogens. These are realities that will make a facility a “sick building” and keep the occupants suffering from the community acquired infections. We also realize that most facility managers cannot afford to have an in-house environmental cleaning team to focus on decontamination. We can train your existing staff to have a better understanding of environmental cleaning.

Environmental Cleaning

  • Knowledge to understand the importance of environmental cleaning
  • Skills to create an ongoing decontamination strategy
  • Know how to eliminate and kill germs on all surfaces
  • Remove all contaminants
  • Expertise to monitor the environment to keep it clean

The EcoShield Microbial Protection System™ is a complete and comprehensive system that is guaranteed to keep your environment clean, and our experts can teach your staff how to use the system through our certification and training program. It doesn’t matter what type of facility you are trying to clean; medical, institutional, educational, industrial, corporate or public, our training program is designed to bring environmental cleaning and infection control into any type of environment. Our peer reviewed protocols are developed and approved by infection control specialists. Our processes and results are superb and verified. And for a fraction of the cost, your staff can be trained, so you won’t have to hire an environmental team.

There are many threats, and only one solution – EcoShield. Call today or CLICK HERE to make a cleaner and safer world for you and your facility.