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While many people don’t particularly enjoy the process of cleaning, when it comes time to clean, it is worth your time and energy to slow down and do the job the right way. Ignoring simple steps and facts about the cleaning process can lead to an inadequate job, not to mention the need to re-clean areas that you’ve already addressed.

Perhaps one of the most under-acknowledged components of any cleaning process is the dwell time. This is the length of time in which it is recommended for a disinfectant to sit on a surface before being removed and the surface dried. If you are simply doing a quick wipe with a disinfectant and then drying the surface immediately, you might not be giving the disinfectant enough time to do its job properly. Ultimately, this adds up to a lot of wasted product and few results.

When you just have a small cleaning job to handle, this might not seem like too big of an issue. However, large-scale and biological contaminants require more precision and care. This is why when there is something big at stake, like environmental infection control, you should only trust your maintenance concerns to the professionals.

 Dwell Time

The Importance of a Job Done Right

Public spaces are exposed to a series of potentially hazardous microbial elements on a daily basis. Without deep cleaning and ultimately cleansing of public surface areas, disease has the ability to grow unimpeded for as long as it will, with constant exposure to flesh and new bacteria added to it daily.

Professional chemical decontamination and infection control, including biological cleaning, can remove unsafe bacterial elements from any surface. However, this process will take time. When you are dealing with something like disease it is important to allow the disinfectant enough time to properly kill all microbial elements. If the dwell time is not adhered to, the microbes can easily survive even the harshest disinfectant treatment.

Biological and environmental cleaning services can make a huge difference in the health and welfare of the community your building serves. This is an especially crucial service for schools, gyms, doctor’s offices and hospitals. EcoShield can be available in no time at all to disinfect and address any looming threats to areas residential and commercial, inside and out. For more information about our biological cleaning services, contact us.

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