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Nothing can hurt a restaurant’s business more quickly than a negative health inspection. While most inspections go smoothly with just a few minor violations, others may result in major violations to health codes. In these cases, the restaurant may be shut down until infractions can be remedied. As a restauranteur, it is important to prepare for health inspections and take rapid action in case of a restaurant shut down.

 Health InspectorReview Documentation of Code Violations

The health inspector provides thorough documentation of code violations noted during the visit. Take your time to review these carefully; they provide the blueprint for your subsequent actions. Classify the changes by category. For example, some may reflect structural needs (e.g., a new refrigerator or installation of an additional sink), others may require professional cleaning assistance (e.g., a problem with rodents or other vermin) while still others may necessitate a change in employee policies. Being organized about your health code inspection allows you to make the changes that will benefit your business.

Conduct a Thorough Environmental Cleaning

Investing in contamination cleaning is the best way to address health code violations. This ensures a top-to-bottom clean of your facility, permitting a fresh start. Additionally, professional environmental cleaning companies are familiar with the unique needs of food service facilities. A company such as EcoShield not only cleans the facility but can also make recommendations on ways to prevent future infractions. This saves significant money in the long run.

Revisit Employee Infectious Disease Control Training

Poor handwashing practices, cross-contamination of foods, and other practices place your restaurant at significant risk of spreading infectious disease. Your restaurant has a responsibility to customers and the general public to follow industry practices for health and safety. Following a restaurant shut down, it is important for employees to receive professional infection control training. This ensures that employees know how to prevent the spread of disease.

Restore Public Trust

Updating employee practices and making structural changes to your restaurant are relatively straightforward tasks. Even more challenging is the need to restore the public’s trust. With the advent of Yelp and other online review sites, customers often spread the news about health code violations.

To restore the trust of your customer base, make it public knowledge that you have invested in environmental cleaning and other concrete solutions. If the infractions were drastic, it may be time to rebrand. Having a “grand re-opening” signals that you have made significant changes to health and safety protocols. Plus, it provides an opportunity to generate positive buzz about your establishment.

If your business has been shut down, contact EcoShield today to learn how we can help. We will work with your business to establish the safety protocols needed to repair health inspection problems and prevent future shutdowns.

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