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Nearly every surface contains bacteria or other microbes, and perhaps 1 or 2 out of every 100 types of bacteria are dangerous to human health. Although this may not seem like much, health risks quickly add up when you consider that the average human comes into contact with millions of germs each day. For many employees, even those who work in critical environments, these health risks fade into the background. Periodic staff retraining on environmental cleaning is essential to keeping your business running optimally.

Facilities That Would Benefit From Staff Training on Environmental CleaningEnvironmental Cleaning

Nearly any facility in which employees come into contact with bacteria, chemicals, or other people would benefit from official staff training in environmental cleaning. These might include:

  • Healthcare providers. Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities are at an obvious risk for infectious disease. However, outpatient clinics or walk-in clinics also need to take safety measures.
  • Agricultural facilities. Farmers, food transportation companies, agricultural festivals, and livestock shows are prime opportunities for infection that can enter the food chain.
  • Educational environments. Schools and daycares offer ample opportunities for enrollees to swap germs. Keeping a clean environment diminishes sick days and improves quality of education.
  • Prisons. Prison facilities are often at major risk for infectious diseases, which can spread swiftly in enclosed quarters. Frequent cleaning is essential to maintain the health and well-being of inmates.
  • Athletic facilities. Gyms, pools, saunas, and health spas are often covered with bacteria or fungi.
  • Restaurants. Dining establishments must meet health codes for facility cleanliness and safety.
  • Government facilities. Military bases, government office buildings, research laboratories, and warehouses are potential sources of infection.

Preventing a Catastrophic Event Can Save Your Business’ Bottom Line

We understand that not all businesses have the budget to maintain an in-house environmental cleaning team. This is why it is critical for existing staff members to undergo infection control training. Training includes instruction on common pathogens and vectors, skills to adequately clean the environment of threats, and development of an ongoing monitoring program to ensure safety.

Lapses in environmental cleaning can destroy a business’s reputation in an instant. Restaurants, hospitals, athletic facilities, and other businesses cannot afford to be associated with an outbreak of infectious disease. By investing in environmental cleaning training for staff, you are taking preventative action against future threats. This is not only safer for your customers and clients, but it is also a savvy business move. Not only will your employees learn how to effectively clean the environment, but EcoShield will work with you to create an action plan in case of a catastrophic event. This allows your business to respond swiftly and flexibly to an infectious threat.

To learn more about the environmental cleaning training programs we offer, contact EcoShield today. We work with businesses of all sizes to create customized training programs.

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